Hello buddies,thanks for visiting the blog today. I have been keeping it low with Mammypi Exclusive due to circumstances but I am glad to connect with you once more. This post has been long overdue so let’s talk Ankara by EB Kreations.

Today Sunday 22/02/15 I am wearing a specially stitched Ankara skirt by one of my favourite Cameroonian designer on the rise EB Kreations. This is my second outfit made by the young designer and I am simply wowed by the glamour this piece of beauty has added to my wardrobe. I am the kind of girl who likes keeping outfit simple-ish but- high fashion and do not like wearing heavy weight clothing. With this skirt, the elegance lies in the fabric, the volume,colour,cut and most especially the fit.  The skirt is full of character you can either pair it with a simple tan top, dramatic blouse or a shirt to go with. The fun part is when I spotted the skirt hanging on her stall at the BBCL event(Now Camer Divas)at Le Meridien, I saw my name written all over it. I knew immediately I had a spot in my closet for the doll. I had a chat with the designer and the rest is for you to let us know…










Todays outfit has been inspired by the work of the super talented EB Kreations, London Fashion Week & my super dope family who have been so supportive of the whole blogging shizzle. They have to listen to me talk about style,fashion,clothes,photography,blah de blah even when they are to tired to listen.  If you are interested in getting a fashion fix,you can contact the designer by clicking HERE and don’t forget to mention Mammypi for a good deal.

In this outfit of the day #OOTD I paired my full skirt with:

Shirt from TM-Lewin

Bag by Moschino

Shoe by Oasis get a similar pair HERE

Lipstick by Bueaty Counter

Jewellery by Accessorize



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