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How To Cure Addiction To Fake Designers Syndrome

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Fake designers are a huge don’t but they exist and can either make or mar your style. While they help those with slim accounts stay in trend, they could give a very bad reputation about your style and personality. To make this statement more explanatory, it is OK to wear whatever your budget can handle and flood your social media but it is not okay to misrepresent what you wear.

Firstly, I would love to completely take out the word fake designers and replace with cheap. Why? Let me explain. We all have different financial backgrounds and while most people purchase cheap designers for the purpose of fitting in, others buy for reasons like; financial restraint, they probably love how the item looks, no knowledge at all of the difference between the real and cheaper version, they just want to cover their feet, they think it would look good if paired with that gown,or skirt etc.

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The GUCCI’S and PRADA’S have their target market; those who can afford and those who are willing to do anything to afford. The manufacturers of these cheaper versions of designer items however, are quite aware of the desire for people to fit in, feel accepted, the social hierarchy and gaps, and the financial barriers most people in the world face.

It is due to these factors that some individuals purchase cheaper versions and portray them as the real deal. It is for these same reasons that some individuals are ready to starve just to get the real deal.It is also for these reasons that others just want to clothe themselves and not be bothered by who made it and how much the person wants you to spend to get it.

 With regards to the scandal surrounding some Buea socialites portraying cheaper versions of Balenciagas as the real designer versions, I gathered some vital points during a discussion with some of my peers that can help curb the need to wear designers and still maintain a healthy style and fashion sense.


  • The first point gathered was for everyone to know where they belong when it comes to finances. I did a post about Bargain Fashion a while back. The post was meant to help our readers locate places where they can look chic on a budget. I was quite aware of the financial divide which made me scout for the best places for budget friendly shopping.
  • The only reason I could relate with some of our readers was because I also face those financial barriers. I know what I can and can’t afford but my passion for style is unquenchable, so I found a compromise; Bargain Fashion. So, it boils down to choice. Would you rather go overboard on a Balenciaga and wear razz clothes and go homeless? Or would you rather have food on your table, pay bills and still afford to stay in style?
  • Wear non-designers: There are a lot of great items out there that do not come with a NIKE or ALEXANDER WANG attached to them. So why not go for those? They are usually budget friendly and are very durable. You are guaranteed a stylish look in them.
  • Wear affordable designers: H&M is a perfect example of affordability especially for street style. I have a good number of their items purchased through Bargain Fashion stalls and they are the real deal. They come in great designs and range from skirts to gowns, trousers etc. ZARA is another good example of affordable designers.The Cure To Fake Designers Syndrome
  • Late buys: The new Miu Miu glasses have just been launched and yes you can wait to get your hands on them. In fact, you can wait a whole year to get them and nothing about their design or authenticity will change. There is a reason Black Friday and Cyber Monday exists. Make a list of all the things you would have loved to get during the year. Then, get them for a quarter or half the price at the end of the year. The following year, you would have saved a lot, you will have a unique style and your Red Bottoms will look brand new compared to someone who was in a hurry to get them.
  • Wear local designs: There are tons of local designers who produce affordable and great quality items using very durable fabrics. On the plus side, they are readily available, little chances of buying fakes, direct interaction with the designers for personalized items and you can look like a million dollars in them.OZI International Presents Passion The Dry Season '17 CollectionSpice Up Your Christmas With Margo Mode Festive Capsule

We have given you the cure for the Fake Designers Syndrome. In our next post we would diagnose and treat the problem of how to shop. It will be accompanied by the best tips and tricks on how to shop a stylish wardrobe. It is always a delight hearing from you. Help us cure this syndrome by giving us your own prescriptions.

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