Dear mammypi Fashion blog readers, we celebrated Antonia’s birthday party with her immediate friends and family in the most stylish and intimate ceremony ever. The brothers came to slay and they all came to school us on how to turn-up for a birthday party in their most fashionable birthday suits in beautiful colours. We had our handsome Cameroonian men dressed in grey suits, cream suits, blue suits, bow ties, brown tie’s, tweed jackets, stylish african print jumper paired with hats, pink shirts, pink trousers, baby blue jacket paired with the most expensive wrist watched, bracelets. The men came with their personal styles with each looking dapper in all fashion glory. Three button-silhouettes, notched lapels, buttonhole at the left lapel,suede under collar and elbow patches, plaid cotton shirts, stupid shirts, checked cotton. Check out exclusive pictures from Antonia’s birthday bash.

CAMEROONIAN MEN CAMEROONIAN MEN CAMEROONIAN MEN,CAMEROON CAMEROONIAN MEN img_7180 BEST DRESSED CAMEROONIAN MEN BEST DRESSED CAMEROONIAN MEN img_7357 BEST DRESSED CAMEROONIAN MEN img_7157 BEST DRESSED CAMEROONIAN MEN img_7124 CAMEROONIAN MEN img_6718 BEST DRESSED CAMEROONIAN MEN CAMEROONIAN MEN Who is your best dressed gent from the collection, Samuel Awasum made a daring appearance stepping out in soft colours complimenting the birthday memo.

Check out the next post for what the ladies wore at Antonia’s intimate birthday bash in Köningswinter.

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