Hello babies, truth be told I never saw this post coming. But the journalism spirit in me never leaves a good story goes unshared. The official king of Snapchat Nabil Nabstar alongside Cameroon artist Pazzo has dropped the music video + lyrics to their already catchy trending hit single #ThisIsAfrica TIA. The video opens with two young school pupil who have skipped school during school hours and are rather busy looking for mangoes during school hours. What happens next will seriously make you laugh.

The lyrics to [su_label type=”black”]This Is Africa[/su_label] goes like this: [su_quote cite=”THIS IS AFRICA”]On est wise for here No play, sabi no di hide over sabi all day. We don di wise for here.. E don tay! small no be sick I be big countrary[/su_quote] image How cool are the logos for #TIA?


image [su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/ZqqverzXyh0″ width=”360″ height=”300″]

I hope you love the video and it made you laugh. Funny as it may seem, unfortunately this is the reality of Africa and this my dear is The Africa we live in. Most of us will relate with the video as once upon a time we were the kids in this video. I very much enjoy the catchy lyrics to the song and hope you enjoy it as much and please don’t forget to share with your friends and keep the tune on repeat. To catch up with our talented team237 artist, follow king of Snapchat Nabil on @sabipikin and follow his daily life on the snap.

♥This Is Africa #TIA♥

Hugs-Mammypi XOXO

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