The issue of nudity and quest for social media fame is not only affecting Cameroonian women who have turned into nude models. Most women around the world are currently obsessed with nudity with the hope of becoming social media “famous”. Even though we see these affecting young girls every day, Niki Heat is turning the tables all around.  The modeling agency yesterday released its first official nude models portrait highlighting the beauty of the dark skin.

According to the management agency, the aim of the shoot is to highlight the natural beauty of the dark skin woman. They kept the semi-topless shoot nude laying emphasis on highlights with as little color as possible.

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Best Nude Models and natural beauty #nudemodels Best Nude Models and natural beauty #nudemodels

Nude Models

Most importantly, the underlying message here is, you do not have to go full-on naked to show your beauty. With a little bit of neutral tone makeup to highlight our features, the black woman is perfect. 

Credit: Deine Photography


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