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Pop-up Shop & Meet-and-Greet with Designer Kibonen Nfi

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[su_heading]Join Kibonen Nfi, designer of Kibonen NY[/su_heading]

Cameroonian fashion designer Kibonen Nfi is breaking boundaries and raising the bar. Last time we heard, she was featured in  US Magazine Humans Of New York #HONY . You might recognize Kibonen strutting down the streets of Manhattan in her colorful and stylish designs even if you’re not a New Yorker. She was recently featured on Humans of New York where she shared how her love for fashion came about and how she learned to appreciate the beauty of her culture. Since then she has taken to the DMV for inspiration and creativity.

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Pop-up Shop & Meet-and-Greet with Designer Kibonen Nfi

Saturday August 20th, 2016

8120 Fenton Street

Suite 202

Silver Spring, Maryland

Join Kibonen Nfi, designer of Kibonen NY, in her sale of diffusion line, KNY, at her pop-up location on Saturday, August 20th. Come for the chance to experience a taste of Cameroonian fashion with designer responsible for bringing “Toghu”, a traditional attire from Cameroon, to the spotlight as a trend in the States. You will get to meet with Kibonen after you’ve shopped at her end of the season sale for the KNY brand for the opportunity to gain insight into the designer’s vision and ask any personal or professional questions you may have.

About KNY

KNY is the diffusion line of KibonenǀNY, a brand dedicated not only to blending traditional African dress and fabrics with contemporary styles, but also to enriching the lives of Cameroonians with ethical fashion. In Cameroon despite the abundance of talent, unbelievable design aesthetics, and beautiful people, over 49% of the population live below the poverty line. This was one of the gripping factors that urged the formation of the brand, using the business of fashion to help create employment in Cameroon and pay employees a fair wage. Doing this not only aids survival but allows them to considerably improve their standard of living. After realizing the potential that ethical fashion could provide, KibonenǀNY together with some partners formed the Cameroon Fashion Common Initiative Group instigated the start-up of an ethical factory entitled Made In Camer, which today is an independent, eco-friendly, and ethical clothing production unit that supports local talent and provides employment to Cameroonians in one of the poorest communities




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