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These adorable Pre Wedding photographs of Shenchu Beryl & her web developer fiancé Eddy will make you want to get married

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Modern Bridal Pre-Wedding Shoot for Cameroonian couple

Pre wedding photo shoot is becoming a huge market. Recently, pre wedding photo shoots have become a necessity for most couples. Consequently, couples are getting increasingly daring and creative in their photoshoot ideas and themes. While some couples think it’s a waste of money, others think it’s a necessity and we certainly concur. It is a must!

Guaranteed best look!

The pre wedding photo shoot is an opportunity for the couple to get their guaranteed best look. Mind you, wedding day photos are not guaranteed to be a hit. It might be a hot day and as a result, the bride’s makeup starts running and ruins her face. Or a vendor or family member could disappoint the couple and ruin their moods. Or just being an emotional day, the couple can ruin it with heavy bouts of tears etc. etc. Anything could happen! However, with the pre wedding photoshoot, the couple sets the tone and decides on how they want their moments captured.

Suffice to say, pre wedding photoshoots benefit couples a whole lot. They present romantic moments for the couple to indulge without the pressure of wedding guests and onlookers. Couples also get a chance to happily reminisce their love story, initial chemistry and relive that spark during a shoot.  In short, the pre wedding photo shoot is an incredible adventure for couples and a great way to create everlasting memories.

Important to have a Pre wedding photo shoot theme

It is ideal to get a theme for your photo shoot. This pre wedding shoot from our couple in Japan had a specific floral theme reminiscent of Beyoncé’s baby reveal. This theme evokes a bohemian ambiance. However, the couple stylishly incorporated a fairytale twist to it. The groom-to-be was dapper in a navy blue suit and the gorgeous bride-to-be stunned in a mustard yellow princess gown. Was this a reincarnation of beauty and the beast in the enchanted forest?

The couple then switched to a vintage and glamour theme. They turned things up by posing against a French window backdrop. While staring deeply into each other’s eyes, the couple gave us a picturesque glimpse of their future together. This particular photograph is like a work of art. Then again, the bride suitably wore a dark red off-shoulder Victorian-inspired ball gown as the couple posed on a Louis XIV-inspired chaise. For the location and wardrobe, the couple cleverly adjusted everything to go with the theme chosen.

Telling the Story

Probably to represent their new culture in their new home of Japan, flowers featured prominently in their theme choice. Likely, not only for their aesthetic value but for the symbolism behind them in Japanese culture. Then the couple takes us down the vintage path to remind us they have not forgotten their roots. The couple showcased their Cameroonian roots in their version of the “atogho”, styled with a modern flair. The smiles and cuddles were nostalgic like they were telling us, this is where our love began.

Finally, they crowned the shoot with a matching flamboyant Japanese traditional costume is fiery red. With the bride-to-be feeding her groom some delicious red cherries, this was very indicative of a happy future life together. A life based on nurturing, camaraderie, support and above all, LOVE!

Pre-Wedding photoshoot idea for couples

Pre-Wedding photoshoot idea for couples

Pre-Wedding photoshoot idea for couples

Pre-Wedding photoshoot idea for couples

Pre-Wedding photoshoot idea for couples

Pre-Wedding photoshoot idea for couples

Pre-Wedding photoshoot idea for couples

Pre-Wedding photoshoot idea for couples

Pre-Wedding photoshoot idea for couplesPre-Wedding photoshoot idea for couplesPre-Wedding photoshoot idea for couples

Pre-Wedding photoshoot idea for couples

MammypiWeddings wishes the beautiful  couple lots of love and happiness as they take on their together, forever journey.




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