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Oya, quote Mammy NOT in fact Never!  I will deny you like Peter deny Jesus.

See as your ear don tand nap like rabbit e own. Let me avoid trying to write in Pidgin because to be fluent in pidgin one must have been rubbing shoulders with Lapiro De Mbanga (of blessed memory) most of one’s life. I rather share the story (read ‘tori’) in a language understood by the majority.

Ah! News behind news; if I was breaking this to my British soap community I will call it ‘Spoiler’. You know when you let the cat out of the bag be ready for the consequences.

I feel say I don dimma dimma over for this mata. In other words let us get down to the brass tags! So   without beating about the bush, let us drive the point home before the impatient reader moves up to the highest state of politeness.

Melody pundits claim that, before music there was music. Don’t ask me what the difference is:  I am on my kneels pleading with you in the name of music for most of you are experts in your various capacities.

But there is these vibes from the grapevine about   a big tune that will hit the air waves in the next couple of days or weeks… personally I love music but this tune is something else. Am still pondering if I am permitted to let the cat out of the bag (read release dates), before the official announcement from the artist and record label.

When I talk of big tune I mean every word of it.

This Camair production is a tune that la crème de la crème will want to identify with because it is going to top the charts. It is one of the best dance tunes I have listened to from the repertoire of our entire Cameroonian artist community. When Tiana  Gasha – a music connoisseur endorses   a single who am I to say otherwise? Now let me fly the kite, release date is set for some time around the 24th of the month.

If you have a YouTube account then subscribe to our artist accounts and be the first to know when a new track drops.

It is no coincidence that going down memory lane this day historically, the Kappa alpha psi’s coat of arms was founded in 1911 which has a motto of “Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavour.”

The single has a message of achieving for anyone working hard towards anything and reproduces the AKP logic almost exactly. In the realm of contemporary music criticism, it would be nice to leave a comment with your best Cameroonian artist, best upcoming artist, best new artist and the track or album you prefer most from the artist and what makes it special. That is the only way you can put a smile or make your own mark on human existence!

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