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Take a look at these colourful African Print Chinos to inspire your street-style wardrobe

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If your summer wardrobe is boring and you’re browsing for the perfect print, take a look at these African Print Chinos. Inspired by Divine Polyvalant, Emelda Ateh,Innocriss Dastar and Sawali Le Parisien

Are you bored of wearing black, grey and khaki classic trousers? Say goodbye to your old wardrobe and make room for some colourful African print chinos. African print chinos are in.  They are the perfect go-to outfit for street-style with understated swag. I like referring to chinos as “long pair of shorts”.

Apart from the comfort and versatility  these trousers come with, they can be worn by both men and women and styled differently. The beauty of African print fabrics is, they come in a union of colours and patterns to a glorious effect. Hence most outfits stitched from them are colourful, flamboyant and easily catches ones attention. Chinos are a great choice for street-style because of their slim fittedness. Also, they can be perfectly styled with plain or floral shirts as well as accessorised with hats and sneakers for the perfect go-to look.

African Print Chinos- Mammypi FashionTV African Print Chinos- Mammypi FashionTV African Print Chinos- Mammypi FashionTV African Print Chinos- Mammypi FashionTV

I can’t wait to stitch myself a couple of these stylish trousers on my next visit to Cameroon.  If you have a picture of you wearing Ankara inspired chinos, we are an email away and you could be our next muse on the blog.

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