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Syndy Emade leaves fans guessing if her maternity style is a subtle gender reveal clue

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Gender Reveal or Nahh?

It’s a boy!!! Ops! scratch that. Could this just be her maternity style or a gender reveal shoot? We know social media has made it easy for pregnant couples to turn their big news into a whole to-do. Therefore we are guessing, this could be a subtle social media reveal post. Of course, we all know Syndy has a way of dropping the news and letting the blogs run away with it.

Syndy Emade who announced she is pregnant for mystery man shares the stunning maternity style wearing a blue lace dress. The actress posted the picture on social media profile which left fans guessing if she is expecting a boy. In spite of the blue dress and theme, the gender of the child has not been officially announced.  Whatever sex the baby may be, we are excited to meet Little Syndy and can’t wait to share the news.

Syndy Emade Gender Reveal Syndy Emade Gender RevealSyndy Emade

As we look forward to the big announcement, we also hope to see more of how Syndy is styling her growing baby bump.

With this in mind, why not tell us below what gender you think the baby will be. Whatever the gender may be, hopefully, you can gather inspiration on styling your bump

Photo Credit: Nji Asonganyi




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