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Hi Mammypi Fashion Blog readers, today I am looking at Daphne Njie, one of Cameroon’s finest artist and musicians. I am really impressed with how the artist has grown in her music and her fashion style dissing her chunky gold locs for a more curly afro look. Take a look below and see how the girl from Buea looks radiantly beautiful in her own natural curls in gold tone. Discovering personal style is a journey that evolves over time. It will be a great pleasure to see our Cameroon celebrities in the fashion and entertainment industry make more effort with their personal appearance. There are a lot of fashion and beauty bloggers out there willing to work with celebrities to help elevate their public image from what they wear and how they look. Sometimes these talented individuals are even willing to sacrifice their services for free just to collaborate and grow the industry. I am therefore calling all Cameroon celebrities to put more effort in how they appear on the red carpet and during photoshoots. We have renown make up artist like BiYouthy, WardRobe, TessyStyle,EB Kreations ,Liiber London and many other people willing to work with our artist and entertainers. Let’s make use of the services available to us guys, we can only grow by collaborating.

Well done Daphne for thinking outside the box and letting your true beauty shine, you can only grow bigger and better and I hope you keep inspiring through your music and style.

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IMG_0111 Daphne NJIE,CAMEROONIAN RASTAFERIAN IMG_0115 Daphne NJIE,CAMEROONIAN RASTAFERIAN IMG_0113 [su_divider text=”THE EVOLUTION OF DAPHNE’S STYLE” divider_color=”#901095″ link_color=”#3313c1″ size=”4″]

Thank you guys for visiting the blog. If you love Daphne, drop a comment below telling us why you love her and which is her favourite track you have listened to. Also use the comment box and tell us who the best dressed Cameroon artist are and why. We value your opinion and hope to see you on our next post.

Lots of love-Mammypi

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