Genetics can go as far down as handing down skills within the family. Famous footwear designer Stuart Weitzman has been in the trade since he was a school boy working in his fathers factory in the summers. His father was a remarkable shoe maker. Mr Weitzman however goes further to  give New York City  credit for inspiring his work and creativity.

How charming, the famous footwear designer admits the most amazing foot trends come from street fashion. I can’t agree any better with this remarkable most inspiring gentleman after my own heart. I am a complete sucker for beautiful shoes. There is no doubt the streets are the best runways out there and one of the most reliable and free places to come in contact with fashion trends.

[su_pullquote align=”right”]I am always thinking of the woman. What ever the trends might be, I am thinking of the woman for whom I am designing it.[/su_pullquote]


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[su_quote]A girl wants her shoes to enter the room before she does,and she wants it to be there after she’s left.[/su_quote]

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If you are in New York and looking for the best shoe maker, look no further. Stuart Weitzman is one of the biggest names in the footwear industry and the brand is sure to sort out all your worries no matter the occasion. From their thigh high boots to ankle boots and colourful scrappy sandals, Stuart Weitzman has one of the best transitioning colours for AW15 so far in the market.


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