The number one wardrobe necessity and staple fabric of all our favorite style icons? Yes, They’re talking about jeans, and this season they’re doing it in a big way. Before you check out the frays and flares of Topshops latest collection, throw it back to their fave denim-wearing dreamboats of the last few decades to see how you can channel their timeless style in your today fashion. Just Like Rihanna says in “FourFiveSeconds” Denim never goes out of style, It’s classic,it’s iconic just like the Beatles!

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'Toy Soldiers' film premiere in Los Angeles, America - Apr 1991
KATE HUDSON-Photo Credit Inside-Out/Topshop
KATE HUDSON-Photo Credit Inside-Out/Topshop


If a pair does not do it, double it like Drew Barrymore. They say two is better than one and you certainly can never go wrong with a double denim. Just make sure you swag it appropriately. Remember denim rule of thumb, pair a light shade with a darker shade and match the look with a pair of heels to make the full look lighter and sexy. Add some bright colour accessories and voila! you are ready to make denim the ever classic wardrobe staple.

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