Women’s Fashion

Mother took her A-Game to her daughters’ party two weeks ago and oh boy did she slay? This outfit and it’s fitting is proved that there is no age in style and fashion. Women fashion is timeless and ageless only if you understand your body shape, skin tone and what works for you.

This stunning maxi dress with a low back and a contrast gold waistband and cuffs was the perfect last minute buy by Ndah. It goes without saying that the dress is age appropriate. Moreover, the dress offers comfort, it looks beautiful and the glam-factor cannot be overemphasized. In addition, the gold trim on the waistband works well to perfectly accentuate her curvy figure giving her a flattering and flawless finish. The details instantly switch a simple black dress from basic to contemporary.

As much as this dress may have stolen your hearts, don’t let it distract you from the dramatic curly tinnie winnie fro. Ah! the hair. I love the allure it brings to the look. The curls and the mix of black and grey strands is testimony that mother is aging like fine wine. (I won’t waste time with platitudes).

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Women Fashion Dresses- Mammypi FashionTV

Women Fashion Dresses- Mammypi FashionTV

Women Fashion Dresses- Mammypi FashionTV

Women Fashion Over 60

60 is the new 40, because that’s what the heck 40 look like these days with the right choices. You can also style your mother or a loved one in this black tie Faber maxi dress for a special occasion.

Makeup: revealhairandmakeup.co.uk

Hair: Nicolette’s Beauty

Styling: Ndah T Mbawa


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