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[su_heading size=”16″]”That mini tote bag is like a piece of jewel. It’s not a bag, it’s just too pretty”.[/su_heading]

If there is one piece of fashion item any fashion girl can hardly get enough of, it is handbags. That is why here at Mammypi Fashion House, we are always excited to share with you our latest trends and some of those fashionable brands you probably have been too busy to discover.

If you are on  the lookout online or in stores for the latest IT bags this season, then Irene Major and Mammypi have collaborated to recommend to you the latest brands and trends to you popping up in the fashion world.  We have sourced out one of Africa’s fastest growing brands Cocoa Africk.

Our excitement  stems from a plethora of reasons, each of which a true fashion girl will understand instantaneously. First off, every fashion girl wants to be the first to know about the latest brand in the market. Secondly we love this brand because the designer tells us they took over 6 years conceptualising and coming up with the best ideas and designs.  Here is the bit we are really excited about, this seasons range includes secure tote bags. These bags come with an extra pouch inside with a string to secure your little items.

Cocoa Africk bags feel as good as they look and the gold trimming on the secure tote goes to prove that every detail of the bags has been carefully manufactured. Cocoa Africk bags ranges from about £85 to £400 they are perfect in size for your day-to-day use. The bags are affordable and of great quality made with good material and of excellent finish.

[su_quote cite=”IRENE MAJOR “]IF THE QUEEN WEARS IT, YOU CAN WEAR IT TO[/su_quote]

Read our interview with COCOA AFRICK.

MFB: Who is Cocoa Africk? Please give us a little background information about your brand.

Cocoa Africk: We are a dynamic luxury brand established by Anna Awoliyi, our ethos is about being fun and beautiful. We strive to ensure quality is mixed with creativity, while our ideas are expressed through our wonderful designs. Anna Awoliyi has spent the last ten years working to build the brand

MFB:  How does your brand fit into the market? There are a million well placed handbag brands in the market at the moment. How do you stand out?

Cocoa Africk: We stand as a fresh vibrant brand, we are just happy to be loved. Yes we want our bags to make a statement be different. Which allows the carrier to feel like royalty.

MFB: We notice you have recently done a campaign with the Queen of Ingress Irene Major. Why did you pick Irene for the project?

Cocoa Africk: Irene Major is an extraordinary person with a vibrant atitiute on life. She just oozes love and fun. Our brand absolutely loves Irene. I must mention she is a real Queen, she just captures yours heart. The true Queen of hearts. 

MFB: Your bags are mostly totes and flab bags. I am very much a cross-body bag and clutch bag girl. Do you plan on extending your collection to other designs and shapes?

Cocoa Africk: Our range is expanding, cocoa africk will reach out to all from good girls to real bag girls.  But we will not promise our shapes will be conventional. I mean inspiration galore. Cocoa Africk Designs have just started.

MFB: Who is your target audience?

Cocoa Africk: All fashion lovers, adventurers, and divas.

MFB: How do you feel about Irene Major comparing your bags to Celine and Michael Kors bags? This are already well placed brands in the market.

Cocoa Africk:  We are just so positive about all positive comments, we believe that the comparison will set us a standard to develop and embrace

MFB: Why not African print bags or something a little different like Christian Louboutin did with the Africaba tote bag?

Cocoa Africk: We are all open to inspiration, African prints are close to my heart. Our gift bags have my favourite leopard print. We are in motion

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