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Cameroon’s Most Unique Traditional Wear

Traditionally, royalty in the Northwest both men and women wear colorful and intricately embroidered outfits called  Atoghu. The ‘toghu’ or ‘atoghu is Cameroon’s most unique cultural attire.  Cameroon is culturally diversified with over 250 ethnic groups with multiple customs and traditions. Each group has its own unique custom and tradition that adds more color to Cameroonian culture.

The North West region being one of the most popular regions prides ownership of the “toghu”. Fashionably, it is well-known for its unique, colorful handmade embroidery and hard-wearing. The distinctive costume is based on plain black velvet material. What makes it stand out amongst other cultural attires from Cameroon and Africa?  On a whole, it is the rich multicolored hand embroidery usually around the neck, sleeve, and finish of the costume.

The Toghu Cultural Attire

The “Toghu” is noticeable, one of the most popular traditional wears in Cameroon. No doubt it was worn by the countries athletic team in London 2012 to represent the Olympic team.
In recent years, the “toghu” which was previously most seen or worn in traditional celebrations has been reinvented. Fashion brands like Liiber London & Kibonen NY have given the heavy woven fabric a modern twist.

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The Atoghu cultural attire or 'toghu' from CameroonMompreneur Patience N A location GermanyThe Atoghu cultural attire or 'toghu' from CameroonYefon K Mainsah CEO IRepCamerThe Atoghu cultural attire or 'toghu' from CameroonTee Tande: CWT (Cooking With Terese) The Atoghu cultural attire or 'toghu' from CameroonMammypi

The Atoghu cultural attire or 'toghu' from CameroonProducer & artist-Nicky Ebony  The Atoghu cultural attire or 'toghu' from Cameroon

The Atoghu cultural attire or 'toghu' from CameroonThe family that prays together, styles the same way.

Their designs and those of other Cameroonian designers have now given the North West region dynamic identity and more wearability. Also, the solid construction /hand-sewn accents give the “toghu” a solid sense of style and sure to get the wearer noticed.

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  1. Nice attire we have its my department i will write more on our tradition attire or even modify it some how

  2. It feels really special to appear on Mammypi’s Blog. You are class and timeless. Keep flaming the world of fashion with unbeatable designs.

  3. Brilliant caption on this Mammypi! “Toghu”? I didn’t even know it’s called. I have always prayed for a time like this when it shall meet the Runway. Finally someone answers the call and these styles are all remarkable with or without the camera’s lens. You will never go unnoticed in this. The Toghu twist keeps every lady around you with fashion sense 1 last reason to lookout for excellence before stepping out next time. Yes it’s got that hot spotlight. Keep more coming fashionstas’ this is our very own ID ‘Grafie oyeeee! Camer oyeeee !


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