medium box braids hairstyle.
Beautiful bunch of braided hair shone like well-polished silver

If you may ask Joan Ngomba one great thing about her life right now, she’ll probably tell you DcodedTV. However, if you ask us one thing we love about Joan, it will be her medium box braids hairstyle.

Early this week, Ngomba of DcodedTV teased her fans with sexy photographs. In the hot photos of Joan Ngomba, she wears the best box braids hairstyle we’ve seen this year. Ngomba wore the meticulously tressed braids to the Njeiforbi Music Festival where Diamond Platnumz and Stanley Enow performed. The Njeiforbi Music Festival took place in Douala on November 22. It was attended by music lovers, entertainers including other stakeholders.

Joan Ngomba Photographed In Box Braids Hairstyle

Aside from the sexy photographs of Joan Ngomba showing off her long braids hairstyle and flawless makeup, the inspiring thing about this low- maintenance hairstyle is specifically its protectiveness. Braids are one of the best hairstyles for black women when it comes to protective styling. With Europe in the heart of Winter and some parts of Africa enjoying the heatwave, it’s time to take a cue from the media personality and get braids too. 

Obviously, braids are perfect for every occasion and can be styled in a bun, pulled backwards or even a messy loose style. In doubt see how beautiful Joan looks with braids below. Possible her best hairstyle till date.

medium box braids hairstyle.
Joan Ngomba’s hair parted from the top of the head as the two panels of a curtain
medium box braids hairstyle.
A beautiful bunch of braided hair shone like well-polished silver

How do you like to wear your hair? natural hairstyle, braided hair, Brazillian weave or rather a relaxed hair texture? Share with us below.


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