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XMaleya To Drop 6th Studio Album Cardio On 16th March 2018

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Official Launching of XMaleya New Album- Cardio

Legendary group Xmaleya one of Cameroon’s most successful boy bands (strike that) man band is here with their 6th studio album CARDIO. Hang on a sec! Yes, the album cover of Cardio is giving me all kinds of good Cardiac feelings. Cardio is the 6th about after Playlist.

The album cover of Cardio is popping with vibrant African print colours as the x-Maleya lads pose with their musical equipments. Of course the cover is a hub for contemporary African style telling the African story through individual self-expression. With African fabric being consumed internationally by top artist like Solange Knowles, Alicia Keys, and the band has jumped on the wagon to tell the Cameroon story. It is worth saying African artist like Wiz Kid, Jidenna have helped to push African style to the rest of the world.

In similar fashion, the band has taken on the example looking every shade of African and proud on their soon to release cover. Little wondered why they have stayed relevant till this date despite the emergence of new urban artist in Cameroon

X-Maleya In Germany

XMaleya To Drop 6th Studio Album Cardio On 16th March 2018 XMaleya To Drop 6th Studio Album Cardio On 16th March 2018 XMaleya To Drop 6th Studio Album Cardio On 16th March 2018

Back in 2017 when the rumour mill went on about a possible break up, the group was hard at work putting Cardio together. According to a recent press release, the album has collaboration with Nigerian artist Bracket. The 12 track album is an expression of love, lyrical prowess and artistic flexibility. Some tracks to listen to include Je t’aime (ft. Blanche Bailly), Mon goût (ft. Minks).

The musical compilation of Cardio is the artistic work of none other than XMaleya assisted by Jemea,Ebene, Romeo and DJ Kessy. Masterminded by Master Disk Europe and served to you by XM Music.

Track Listing Includes:

  1. Ma piere
  2. Fianga
  3. Dieu N’oublie personne
  4. Makossa (ft. Bracket)
  5. Allo
  6. Falla
  7. Dan l’os (ft. Innoss’b)
  8. Je T’aime (ft. Blanche Bailly)
  9. Ta Fille N’est pas ta femme
  10. La seule
  11. Loba
  12. Caro
  13. Mon gout (ft. Minks’)

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