Brenda Biya and WIzkid

Brenda Anastasie Biya just shared her first 2020 Instagram pictures and they are the cutest photographs of Brenda you’ll see in 2020. The beautiful first daughter of Cameroon, Brenda Biya shared the series of photographs this afternoon with her 64k Instagram followers. She can be seen wearing a Fendi Print On Jersey sweatshirt costing only £950.00. She captioned the photos, ‘1/365’. Referring to the first day of the 365 days of the year.

Among the newly released photos, which Brenda shared, there’s one with Brenda and Nigeria’s superstar Wizkid Dayo. In the photo, both Brenda and Star Boy Wizkid are sitting in what appears to be a living room with a Christmas tree and gifts underneath.

Brenda Biya Just Re-Wore The same £ 950.00 Fendi Print On Jersey Sweatshirt And We Are Not Complaining.  

On December 25 2019, Wizkid announced on another Instagram account Wizkid News that he will be in Cameroon on the 31st of December. He arrived Yaounde yesterday in a private jet where he later performed in a show allegedly organised by Chantal Biya in Bastos, Yaounde. 

Brenda Biya
Brend Baya
Over-the-knee grey suede boots
Brenda Anastasie Biya

As seen above, both Brenda and Star-Boy Wizkid are wearing black denim jeans. However, Brenda’s style instantly caught our eyes and stole our hearts with her chic and effortless style. Her cute black denim shorts paired with a Fendi cropped sweatshirt with hood, long sleeves and drawstring at the hem. Bree wore an £ 890.00 Louis Vuitton Laureate Desert Boot that we call our 2020 style goals. Of course, we cannot get our eyes off the big labels especially the FENDI PRINTS ON lettering on the sleeves.

Imagine the relief realising that the first daughter of Cameroon happens to be like everyone else. For someone as privileged as Brenda, whose options are limitless, she later re-wore the same FENDI PRINTS ON hood sweatshirt. Unbelievable isn’t it? While we can’t blame her if she doesn’t, we are equally fascinated to see she is just like the rest of us. Above all not only does she re-wears the same £950.00 Fendi jersey twice, she knows a thing or two about style. 

Bree or Brenda depending on how you liked it, styled her pink Fendi jumper with sexy stonewashed ripped denim shorts. Notice how she wears the same chunky gold earings as on the sweatshirt and finished off her look with a pair of over-the-knee grey suede boots.

Yes! believe it or not, sometimes, rich people like to act normal. They mix up old designer pieces and show us how to recycle them in amazing new ways.

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  1. So they couldn’t hire thier own Cameroon musicians to perform home music, this what happens when you have hate towards your own people and country


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