Born in Mali and raised in France, Lamine Kouyaté is the fashion designer behind XULY.BËT a (Wolof/Senegalese expression that means “keep your eyes open”). This is Kouyaté’s second show at NYFW. The show was dedicated to the designers native country and to his 86-year-old mother one of Malis’s first female doctors. One of the beautifully printed dress at the show directly referenced International Women’s day.

image image image image image image image imageimage image The fashion designer from Africa uses traditional wax printed fabrics and some of his own designs featuring different playful motifs: fans, money, lipsticks, cars, candles, and religious icons. I love the designers collection and will be glad to splurge on the bomber jacket that says “Merci Cheri” as green is one of my fave colours.

Do you love african prints? are you an aspiring fashion designer wishing to showcase your talent? Mammypi Fashion Blog is not just for Cameroonian Fashion designers or African designers, but a platform for fashion across the globe. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you back soon.


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