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Fictional Blogger Dorothy Diamond Premieres Debut Film “Curtain”

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[su_heading]MOVIE PREMIER #CURTAINS[/su_heading]

I am guessing by now most of you will have read or seen snippets of Dorothy  Diamond’s featured film CURTAIN. The movie shot in London is adapted from Dear Diary a fictional story written by Dorothy Diamond. CURTAIN is tactfully scripted by Ugonna Nwachukwu director and CEO of NinetyOne.

Dorothy Diamond’s film unflinchingly depicts the brutal reality of society. Being riddled by lies, fakeness and facades that we all put up to be able to conform with societal expectations. Most importantly, the movie is titled CURTAIN as a metaphor. This is  to hide or expose situations that could be debilitating or liberating to different people found in different situations.

The word #CURTAIN is highly visual in the movie creating the reality of its very existence to cover our privacy and our pain and joy. The twist and turns of love, lust, betrayal and destruction of a person can be elaborately seen from start to finish, yet there is almost no directive on how to resolve the issue and every human being has different potentials and capacity to deal with situations and circumstances

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Fictional Blogger Dorothy Diamond Premieres Debut Film "Curtain"


Key cast members stars/cast

Rachel Leboucarie

Alenne Menget

Kyle James


Kalisha Johnson

Talitha Lindo

Charles Lawson

Susan Kembling

Dorothy Diamond

Tola Wise

Ryta Odigie

The Film Crew

Dorothy Diamond (Producer)

Ugonna Nwachukwu (Director)

Fictional Blogger Dorothy Diamond Premieres Debut Film "Curtain"
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