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Frieda Kisob Banboye in this pink stunner has all our votes as the perfect pink dress to kick cancer

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Pink gown gorgeousness!!! It’s pinktober and a host of strong Cameroonian women have joined the #WearItPink campaign. For some, this is not just an opportunity to strut their stuff in pink but an opportunity to tell their personal journeys with breast cancer. One such woman who shared her breast cancer story with Mammypi is Mrs Frieda Kisob Banboye.

Pink Gown to honor breast cancer fallen hero, Shura Boma

Since losing her cousin, Shura Boma in April 2018, Frieda is determined to help raise awareness on breast cancer. To be more precise, Shura died in Frida’s arms at the Limbe General hospital in Cameroon. Without a doubt, as a breast cancer caregiver, the pain when your warrior loses the fight, cannot be underestimated.

Frieda saw breast cancer in all its viciousness. Eating Shura away on a daily basis. Even chemotherapy did not help. First, there was the hair loss, then the appetite loss, the weight loss, and all other losses you can think of. In all these, however, Shura never lost her spunk and zest for life! Ultimately, she had to succumb to the fight. However, her spirit never died and still lives on in her daughter, her husband, her mother, and of course, in Frieda.

Accessorizing Pink Gown with Silver

Now, we are still a fashion blog after all and must gush about this dress and the overall look! From the sleeves to the mermaid skirt, this pink gown is simple yet very classic. Besides, the muted style details are just perfect for the in-your-face pink hue. Moreso, Frieda masterfully styled the look with silver. Do you remember in the Stunning pink dress by Adeline Ndeme post we advised that pink goes well with neutrals? As you can see, therefore, Frieda, chose silver, which is a neutral color with a cool undertone to complement the bright pink gown. Absolutely, this is a perfect match and certainly a great homage to Shura. Sleep on Shura, sleep on…

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Frieda Kisob
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