Layering for Fall

Elizabeth Tabot, Dorothy Diamond, Lua Fongod, Wele Elangwe, and many more join the pink campaign to fight breast cancer

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For breast cancer advocacy, some of Mammypi’s best-loved supporters decided to join the wear pink campaign. Shout out to Elizabeth Tabot Ashu (South Africa), Wele Elangwe (US), Yvonne Arrey Tasinda (UK), Dorothy Diamond (UK), and Lua Fongod Achu (UK). Apparently, the campaign is gaining traction from all corners of the world. Likewise, the campaign is also featuring different style trends.

Pink Woolen Coat for Breast Cancer Advocacy

To begin with, fall is here!!!  Accordingly, Elizabeth Tabot Ashu of Lizzy’s Cakes and Cuisine, LLC ushered in the season with a pink double-breasted coat. Surprisingly, Eli presents an ironic way of embracing the season of gloom with a pop of color! Meanwhile, Eli shares her reasons for supporting breast cancer advocacy. “I have lost three wonderful schoolmates and friends to breast cancer: Bakita Kufor, Miranda Ngufor, and Amy Ndi. They all left their children when they had to be there for them.”

Breast Cancer Advocacy Fall coat
Elizabeth Tabot Ashu

Pink African Kaftan Dress for Breast Cancer Awareness

Secondly, Mammypi’s Editor-in-Chief, Wele Elangwe decides to return to her African roots in pink for breast cancer advocacy. She stuns in a Berylann Mbome Takor pink and black marked Kaftan dress. Remarkably, the prolific fashion editor and writer never misses an opportunity to show support for any and every cause. Without a doubt, breast cancer advocacy is no exception!

Breast Cancer Care
Wele Elangwe Fashion & Beauty Editor

“Let’s stand up to Breast Cancer”, Says Yvonne Arrey Tasinda

Next is UK runway model wife, Yvonne Arrey Tasinda. Meshing casual and chic, her pink outfit exudes relaxation at best. About breast cancer, she states, “It transcends all manner of boundaries, it’s no respecter of persons, tribe, race or social standing.” She stresses that “ALL women of ALL age groups are susceptible to being diagnosed of this disease.” “I am standing up to BC, dedicating my outfit to Amy, Anke, all who have died as a result and all who beat it and lived to see another day. Let’s stand up to BC”, she concludes. Yes indeed Yvonne, let’s all stand up to breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Care
Yvonne Arrey Tasinda

Dorothy Diamond’s Advice: “Be breast aware. Touch Yourself!”

Similarly, entertainment enthusiast and director of the movie, CURTAINS, Dorothy Diamond dishes out some breast cancer advise. Explicitly blunt, she warns, “breast can be replaced but life can’t. Be breast aware. Touch yourself!”♥. True to her pragmatic advice, she dons a pink no-nonsense pantsuit.  Definitely, this look is designed to send a message and create an impression. As for that hair? Rock it, girl!!!

Breast Cancer Advocacy Afro
Dorothy Diamond

Breast Cancer Advocacy on the red carpet

Finally, our black beauty, Lua Fongod Achu, takes us to the red carpet. By all means, her blush pink evening dress is fit for a princess. Uniquely, she accessorizes her look with a multicolored snakeskin clutch in pink, purple, green, peach and blue hues. This clutch is such a clever way of showing her vivacious side. For makeup, straightaway, her dark red lipstick screams sultry! Definitely, we are loving every subtle detail of this look.

Breast Cancer Advocacy
Lua Fongod Achu

Now over to you! Send us your pretty-in-pink photograph to show your support for breast cancer awareness! Until then, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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