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#BDMA2017 Mammypi Wins Big: Best Cameroonian Fashion Blogger

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[su_heading size=”16″]BEST CAMEROONIAN FASHION BLOGGER AWARD[/su_heading]

Dearest Mammypi and PAT237 family, thank you for voting us your Best Cameroonian Fashion Blogger at the Bonteh Digital Media Awards.

We wish to express our undying gratitude to all who nominated and voted us. Mammypi is in so much celebration and it’s because of you our amazing readers. You collectively gave us a Christmas present. You gave us the perfect end of year gift.

We are especially grateful for the wonderful times we’ve spent together sharing fashion moments and gist throughout 2017. We thank you for every time you clicked on our site and shared our posts and let us know you’ve always had our back. We’ve never been able to measure the amount of love and commitment you’ve had for us till two days ago. 

You nominated us as your fave FASHION BLOGGER at the first edition of the #BDMA2017 in Cameroon. While we believe that our work speaks for itself, we’ve never undermined any award because we know the important role they play. 

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Best Cameroonian Fashion Blogger

However, we don’t always let awards speak for us which is the reason why we didn’t want to bother you our readers with campaign posts. Nonetheless, you went out of your way, campaigned and voted massively and brought the trophy home. For this reason, we are beyond grateful. 

Due to this selfless act, you have inspired us to work harder and bring out more than our best come 2018. We also wish to congratulate fellow nominees for the remarkable contributions they make to the world of fashion.  We wish to thank every one of you who voted for us, who told a friend to tell a friend. In general, we thank those who voted for us with no knowledge of who we are and what we do.

[su_heading size=”16″]ABOUT MAMMYPI[/su_heading]

Mammypi was founded in 2014 by one of Cameroon’s most influential fashionistas Hilda Ngelo. In the years that followed, we worked with top fashion brands like KIPLING, ASOS, high street, luxury and online brands.

Furthermore, we’ve had the privilege to attend top London Fashion Week shows like Oxford Fashion Studio, Belstaff, and many others. Our goal has always been to curate African fashion with a beguiling mix of contemporary fashion. With this in mind, we aim to market it in a way that Cameroonian designers will become internationally known.

[su_heading]PREVIOUS AWARDS[/su_heading]

We won BEST DIASPORA FASHION BLOGGER & BEST PROMOTER for our group PAT237. Awarded by G-Class Entertainment at the Purple Night with G-CLASS  in the UK. Again, we won BEST CAMEROONIAN FASHION BLOGGER diaspora at the CAMEROON ACADEMY AFRICAN FILM AWARD in London.

 Ultimately, we wish you a merry Christmas and New year and hope this festive season brings you the same joy you have brought us.

Awards: Mammypi-Best Cameroonian Fashion Blogger #BDMA2017

From Team Mammypi & the PAT237, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year♥

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