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Beauty look of the day: Valerie Ayena shares stunning autumn-inspired makeup photos

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Who needs a rainbow when you can create yours? Former Miss Cameroon and international top model, Valerie Ayena, shares stunning pictures in an amazing beauty look. Valerie Denise Ayena who has modeled for brands like Hollywood Polo Club looks flawless in the Instagram images.

Beauty Look Inspired by Autumn

In true celebrity style, Valerie gives credit to the brands she used to create the autumn makeup look. Amongst them, is a special shout-out to Lys Lashes and her makeup artist MakeUpByBryan. Definitely, you do not need a soothsayer or magician to tell you this beauty look is inspired by the autumn season. In fact, the mustard yellow and burnt orange eyeshadow are reminiscent of pumpkin and spice.

Beauty Look Tip: Use a blank canvas to keep the eyes on your focus area

A plain long sleeve white top provides the perfect conduit for this bold and colorful makeup look. Without a doubt, the blank white canvass compels the eyes to focus on the pops of color on her face. Also, her afro hairstyle provides another avenue to keep the focus all on her gorgeous face. Obviously, with no irrelevant hair tendrils falling on her face, there is no room for distraction from her face.

Meanwhile, I love how she chooses a pink lipstick for her lips. Given that the shade is similar to her natural lip color, this helps to draw the focus away from her lips as well. Her eyes clearly are the focal point of this shoot, especially with the bold eyeshadow color choices. Evidently, this look is meant to provide a glorious showcasing of Lys Lashes. In fact, you can see from the photographs, a gorgeous display of the lashes included for advertising.

Certainly, the lashes are beautiful but we can not stop gushing about the overall allure of her beauty look! Fall is here and we hope you will get some inspiration and rock some fall colors on your face too!

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Autumn beauty look inspired by Valerie Ayena

Autumn beauty look inspired by Valerie Ayena Autumn beauty look inspired by Valerie Ayena




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