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Nono Flavy Brings Music And Glamour On Set

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Native of western Cameroon, Nono Flavy is making her fans excited with sultry and glamorous photos. The artist who  spent all of her childhood in Douala had only one dream: to make a very successful carrier in music. 

The singer joined Corine Lastar, Alfred Nemfor and stylist Fichian Nfi for a photoshoot and makeover where she revealed some details. During the intimate session, the vocalist revealed; She sang with so many orchestra’s in Douala. During this time  she did background vocals for several great names in the Cameroon music industry.

As a matter of fact, the artist has joined big names the  African music industry like, Ben Decca, SanFan Thomas, Jean Pierre Essome, Nadia Ewande, Jolie Priso, Grace decca, Jocelyne Labille, Sergio Polo and many other respectively.

With this in mind, the exposure allowed her to learn, and gain experiences. Which has made her today a full and versatile artist, and an excellent performer. As a result Nono sings easily in several languages ​​and feels at ease on all  rhythms.

Her latest track; Ah Garçon. “Ah Garçon” is an EP with 3 tracks wherein the Cameroonian artist had to reach real deep to compose these songs which are actually of her personal experiences.

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Nono Flavy Brings Music And Glamour On Set Nono Flavy Brings Music And Glamour On Set Nono Flavy Brings Music And Glamour On Set Nono Flavy Brings Music And Glamour On Set Nono Flavy Brings Music And Glamour On Set

Taking all of this into consideration we decided to play with soft colors to bring out that personality of an artist who does not create boundaries.

Nono Flavy Stunning Photoshoot

Styled by Fichian Nfi Photographer: FREDASH- Alfred Nemfor Makeup by  Corine Lastar.


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