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PEOPLE: Mimi Akeh-Founder Of ACE Online TV

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Mimi Akeh – one of the hottest Emcee,TV Presenter/Event Host in the Cameroon entertainment

Hello Mammypi & PAT237 family. Meet the lovely Mimi Akeh ♥ . This amiable and talented young woman is the founder of ACE Online TV and host of The Spice Show. A show that features, celebrities,high profile executives and all the movers and shakers of Camer entertainment.  and also Co-Founder of Spice Youth International (A Non-governmental not-for-profit Organization) based in Cameroon.

Important to realise, Mimi has  has hosted lots of high profile events like Ecran Noir, red-carpet for A Man for the weekend in Yaoundé etc. An excellent presenter who is very confident working with live audience. Her Television, Ace Online TV ,is a contemporary Online TV that seeks to celebrate the African dream as well give an opportunity to young Africans to showcase their talents in various ways .

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Chiefly, Mimi seeks to inspire and motivate young people today to pursue their dreams and achieve them. Equally important, through inspirational and motivational content.

We project content that will inspire young people to achieve more in life.

While The SpiceShow is the Show she host under Ace Online TV.  It serves as a platform where celebrities, business moguls, top executive and company managers share amazing success stories.

PEOPLE:Mimi Akeh-Founder Of ACE Online TVACE Online TV Host Mimi
PEOPLE:Mimi Akeh-Founder Of ACE Online TVMimi Akeh Interviews Valerie Ayena
PEOPLE:Mimi Akeh-Founder Of ACE Online TV

ACE Online TV

Truly, Mimi is Cameroon’s media sweetheart. To demonstrate her achievements in so short a time is prove there is no limitation to what Mimi can achieve. Her  SpiceShow  has already seen the likes of Cameroon’s sensation Locko, Stanley Enow and  Italian supermodel Annalisa Sambin as guest.

Not only has her show given exposure to many artist, Akeh continues to entertain and educate through her growing mediums. Watch her interview with Lala Miss OK the upcoming Afropop artist. You can watch her shows on Ace Online TV on Facebook/YouTube.


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