Layering for Fall

“The Pinnacle of Success Group” is opened to late registration from students and pupils’ from Southern Cameroon

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Education is a right, just like the right to have proper food or a roof over your head. As a matter of fact, Article 26 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “everyone has the right to education”. Furthermore, Education is not only a right but a passport to human development. It opens doors and expands opportunities and freedoms. Also, education contributes to fostering peace, democracy and economic growth as well as improving health and reducing poverty.

That is why, we have partnered with The Pinnacle of Success group to help get students back to the classroom. The Pinnacle of Success Group is a fantastic education institution covering a range of studies. Their formative and innovative approach to teaching helps prepare pupils and students for the future.
Education in Southern Cameroon

Education in Southern Cameroon

The Right To Education

A quality tuition throughout life is the birth right of every woman, man and child. In turn, education, aids progress across all development goals. The month of September around the world and in the Cameroons, marks the “BACK TO SCHOOL” month. In normal circumstances, parents would have secured admissions for their kids in various institutions of learning by choice and sometime their financial stability determines which school their offspring will attend. Its a pity the people residing in the North and South West Regions of Cameroon, who are mostly English speaking, have been deprived of that right to learning.


This is due to an over two years crises which has made the security of life and property a high risk. the rate of insecurity is too high therefore, parents are scared to send their wards to school. Mammypi fashion, in her findings for a safe haven where parents can migrate their kids for education, discovered the PINNACLE GROUP. This is an outstanding institution of learning located 200m from Total Ekoumdoum in the capital city of Cameroon, Yaoundé. Studies for  2018/2019 academic year began on the 3rd of September 2018. Interestingly, PINNACLE OF SUCCESS, CAMEROON, offers the following divisions:

  • Kindergarten/Nursery
  • Primary/Elementary
  • Secondary/Middle School

Education is a major tool to empower the future of any community and nation. The PINNACLE GROUP has also created this citadel of success to inculcate the best of all round knowledge. Ultimately this will go beyond the present generation and the future.

Back-To School

If you are a parent wishing or in search for the best in education for your children, rush as fast as you can to register your child @ The Pinnacle of Success. Good news! The school is offering a discount to new intake. This is particularly to those coming from the North and South West regions of Cameroon.  The number one goal  of Pinnacle is to provide education for all and ease the admission of your kids. Even in war, education remains vital. Don’t be a victim of circumstance.

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. Kofi Annan

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Pinnacle of Success Academy

BP 15731 Yaounde Cameroon

Tel: (00237)222305816




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