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Trebor Mint Addiction

Recently, I have been worried about my increase intake of strong Trebor mint now for a while. I’m addicted to Trebor Extra Strong mints, and when I run out of a packet (which almost never happens as I always have a pack in the house) I have major panic attacks and cravings until I get more.

I started eating them at the end of last year when I tried vaping and the first vape I tried had a mint flavor. I slept a lot the week of that experience and a new craving was born inside me that of MINT. Soon I was going through 1-2 packets a day. I’m now completely reliant on them and can’t function without them especially when I am at work.


My mint addiction is not only limited to eating Trebor mint but I have found myself addicted to using Mint toothpaste and eating some of it when I brush my mouth. I have even taken to brushing up more than necessary just to satisfy my cravings when I don’t have mints at home. Recently I have been getting some awful sensation in my stomach and chest.

Each time I get it, I promise myself I will not have any more mints. But the minute I think of mint, all I think of is having one last Trebor mint. The chest and abdomen feeling comes and goes, but it’s wrecking everything. I’m consuming more mints as I panic more and then I feel worse after I’ve eaten so many. As I type this post, I have just had about half a pack and I am feeling sick. I have this feeling of nausea and the way I cure it is by eating more mint.

Addicted To Strong Trebor Mint

I’m worried that the amount I’m having will do something to my stomach and will make me have like stomach ulcers or something! Is that a realistic worry or am I being too anxious? I’m trying desperately hard to avoid eating as many mints, but I need advice on how to stop craving them so much.

I need help with this new found mint addiction. I don’t like the after feeling from consuming more than necessary. But the mint seem to have a feeling it stabilises something inside me I can’t place a finger on. Addictions are real. I have never really been addicted to anything else. The one addiction I probably ever had is wearing a pair of socks 24 hours 7 days a week.

Have you got any addictions you want to share? please send us an email to pr@mammypi.com.

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