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ShaSha Design Drops Latest Toghu Look book Collection

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Fashion Designer SHASHA Designs Atoghu Look Book

Designer ShaSha New drops atoghu male-inspired lookbook featuring ready-to-wear pieces, a haute dress, and a hat. The collection includes atoghu embroidered shirt dresses in both long and short sleeves with side slits and accompanying leggings. The most avant-garde piece in the collection is the female version of the traditional male kaftan-sleeve poncho.

Who would have thought ladies could rock the traditional male look so well? ShaSha did an amazing job in designing the male piece into something ladies can rock as well. Simply amazing! Finally, the haute dress is simply stunning! The off-shoulder cut and the mermaid skirt make the dress very current. ShaSha however, stays true to the tradition with the flawless and intricate craftsmanship of the atoghu design.

Toghu Lookbook Collection

She tops off the look with an Isicholos-inspired hat which adds to the overall allure of the dress. All the outfits call for very minimal accessories as the atoghu design alone is very colorful and gorgeous! Some hand accessories such as bangles and rings should suffice as well as some earrings of course. Monochrome shoes will match well in hues of black, red, green, orange etc.

Hairstyles can be either natural African hairstyles as well as sleek up-dos for a more sophisticated look. The ready-to-wear long sleeve styles can be worn easily to work, to church as well as to a daytime lunch or cocktail event. The short sleeve variations with less embroidery can be worn out casually to go shopping, visit a friend or to just go out and about. The haute dress can be the perfect outfit for a traditional bride or even on the red carpet. The kaftan-sleeve poncho can be worn with casual jeans or as is a formal event.

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