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Knee high boots rarely make it to the list of top ten hottest summer outfits. Well, as you must have noticed, Mammypi is all about creating new fashion trends.  There are probably so many rules out there about wearing knee high boots, especially in warmer weather. But, rules are meant to be broken every now and then. Today, we are all about putting knee-high boots on every fashionista’s summer list.


Remember, when breaking rules, you have to go all in and risk it all. The reason why I styled my boots separately from the rest of my outfit. My Prince of  Wales Check mini skirt was the perfect definition of naughty. While I kept the naughty on a low-low by wearing a simple red on the white blouse to even out the check, the colour of my boots and my red polished fingernails.

Also, the focus was on my boots so heavy jewellery was not part of my plan. So, I kept it as simple as I could. Pairing my studs with my blouse and my sunglasses with my check mini skirt.

Now, having done the least part of the work, it was time for the main course. The challenge was only beginning. My dark green leather knee-high boots were nowhere near the colours of the rest of my outfit.  A lot of people in this situation would’ve evened it out with something black but I was going for tough, not easy. So I picked out my dark green long sleeved bomber jacket which I kept around not for the purpose of wearing. Not under this hot sunny weather but for the purpose of style. Because, with great style, comes great responsibilities and sacrifices.

Also, it was gonna be a chilly evening and a night out with the girls was on my agenda. so, win-win. The jacket didn’t do all the work it was supposed to do. So, I opted for my dark green wrist watch and my dark green clutch.

Once it was all done, I gave a huge sigh of relief-phew- and cat walked out the door.

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If you haven’t had the chance to go slutty and stylish this summer, get on your feet cuz summer doesn’t last forever. I got my chance and I hope its style inspiration enough for you.

Get my knee-high boots HERE

What I am Wearing

Boots -Lipsy| Bomber Jacket- TopShop|Check Skirt- Next|Top Zara| Clutch Zara| Sunnies- Geess




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