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Top Ten Natural Hair Products For African Hair

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Hello Naturalistas,

We hope you have made the choice to go natural. In our previous post, not only did we aim at inspiring you to embrace your natural roots but also say no naysayers. Again, we promised to guide you through every step of your journey. Also, we promised to let you in on African-owned natural hair products. Mammypi never breaks her promises.

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As a matter of fact, Mammypi aims at supporting the African beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industry. Therefore, we have done our research and are bringing you 10 African-owned natural hair products we think will definitely work for you.

Before we reveal these products, we would like to remind you that your hair is the boss. So, if you already have products that work for your hair type, stick with them. If not then you might want to try out these African-owned natural hair products which are as good as the rest out there.

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The Body Butter Company is owned by Korkor Kugblenu, a female Ghanaian entrepreneur. She seeks to encourage African women to embrace their unique natural beauty. Her products are made completely from local raw materials.  natural hair products


Owned by a male South African entrepreneur called Jabu Stone-what are the odds?-. Jabu Stone is also known as one of the Fathers of ‘black consciousness’. The Jabu Stone Natural Hair Care range of products allows people to celebrate their natural look in a more refined way, by enabling the consumer to have control of their hair and style it in countless ways without causing damage. His brand makes products mainly for naturalistas who like to keep their natural hair in locks, braids, and Afros.



JoStylin is an all organic cosmetics brand created to help grow natural Afro hair. This natural hair company is based in Ghana and is owned by a female entrepreneur. They proudly mix, package, grow and produce their natural hair products on the continent. They use more than 90% raw material grown in Ghana and Africa.natural hair products


They are manufactured in Kenya’s capital Nairobi and made out of organic ingredients and essential oils such a tea tree, castor, and peppermint. The raw materials are sourced from Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, South Africa and even Australia. The products are specially made for Afro-textured hair. The brand is owned by female Kenyan entrepreneur, Michelle Ntalamani.natural hair products



To say nothing of SUKI SUKI Naturals will be our loss. SSN was founded by DRC born and South African based Linda Gieskes. The brand seeks to promote thick natural hair growth, reduce breakages and moisturize hair ends among many others. Thus, the ingredients are also 100% organic.


Likewise, if you are looking for options, here is Nubian Nature. Nubian Nature is a South African natural hair-care range. Moreover, it is created by an African woman for African hair from natural and/or organic exotic African indigenous crops.

Due to the nature of kinky hair, their products are created to moisturize, strengthen and nourish. In the hope that it will promote healthy hair that grows. Their entire hair care range is free of harmful ingredients. More so, their products are environment-friendly as they use recyclable materials. The brand is owned by female entrepreneur, Shereen Makhanye.


Similarly, is OAMABU Naturals. Oamabu is owned by South African female entrepreneur Getty Choenyana. Their products are a range of unrefined shea body and hair butter that are whipped with carrier and essential oils.natural hair products


Identically, Nigerian born Obia Ewah is the founder and formulator of Obia Naturals. At the same time, Obia is also is a trained chemist. With a strong base of scientific knowledge. In view of her background, Obia is very particular about the ingredients that she uses to formulate OBIA Naturals. Her products do not contain any toxins or carcinogens. The entire OBIA Naturals line of products is vegan. OBIA Naturals equally promotes recycling and are a proud partner of the “Campaign for Safe Cosmetics“.


Likewise, Nigerian Jamayla Bennu Oyin is the owner of the award-winning brand. Their products are gentle, cruelty-free, and moisture focused. Chiefly,  providing impeccable nutrition and styling for dry, curly, and highly textured hair types.




Last but not the least, our very own Cameroonian owned brand Sherylicious Naturals. Owned by Sheryl Ndasi. In a word, the brand is formulated for kinky hair types. The mission of Sherylicious Naturals is to produce Vegan, Non-Toxic, PH–Balance. Ultimately, 100% Natural Hair Care Products using Nature’s Natural Ingredients.By all means, their products are cruelty-free (no animal testing), Vegan and organic.


[su_heading] Natural Hair Products[/su_heading]

There you have it, folks. Ten African branded natural hair products to try this year. Do let us know if you’ve used any of them in the comment box.

By all means, email us a review of these products and others you use which are not listed above. We promise to post your review on the blog and share with our fellow naturalistas.




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