It is a New Year after all and we are all making New Year fashion, beauty, budget and lifestyle resolutions. Some of us have no idea which resolutions to make. Let me help you with that. Ever thought of going natural? Like African Natural hair?

Whoa, hold on, before you wave your hand and say Nah, just give me a minute to change your mind. Take a good look at these  African beauties. Do you see how amazing they look with their natural hair? Convinced? Not yet? OK. Don’t sleep on me because I’m not done.

Enjoy some beautiful natural hairstyles below.

7 Reasons To Grow Your NATURAL HAIR This Year Cameroonian actress Sahndra Fondufe

7 Reasons To Grow Your NATURAL HAIR This YearThe beautiful Nsang Dilong

7 Reasons To Grow Your NATURAL HAIR This YearLucie Memba in all her natural hair glory

Natural Hair

Your hair doesn’t have to be high up in the ceiling to be considered natural. Whether long or short the main thing is to stick to the definition of natural hair which is not relaxed hair. Maintaining your natural hair in this ever-changing African weather can be quite challenging especially for sisters with thick stubborn hair(I can relate) but so worth it. 

Take it from someone who knows best because this post is inspired by my personal experience and the incomparable joy I have gotten from growing my natural hair.  When you are convinced, -because I know you will, I will give you a head start on products to use. Both budget friendly and for the big spenders.

7 Reasons To Grow Your NATURAL HAIR This YearSheryl Ndashi of Sherylicious Naturals

7 Reasons To Grow Your NATURAL HAIR This YearMirabelle Fombe of LoRR’ Terr

7 Reasons To Grow Your NATURAL HAIR This YearPrisca Njoya

natural hair

Art Becomes You

[su_heading]SEVEN REASONS TO GO NATURAL[/su_heading]

Whatever you have been told about the downsides of growing natural hair, no worries because these reasons will totally change your mind.

  1. More economical: Your wallet is no longer going to be on vacay. It is going to be stacked up as you will be spending less on styling, hairdressing, relaxing, weaves, wigs, perms. Phew! It is a long list right? You get more money to spend on the other fun stuff you’ve been depriving yourself of.
  2. Fewer products: With every new weave comes to a different product “No use this, it is better. No not that, this” Several people trying to convince you. However, with natural hair, you choose what works for your hair and have fun doing it. Your hair will decide for you and no one else. On the plus side, you stick with that product because your hair texture will never change any heating, no relaxing nothing to make it wither.

Natural Hair –

  1. More versatile: Each inch gained comes with a totally new style. You might be thinking this is only possible with relaxed hair. No! You would do so many cool hairstyles and even those that can and can’t be done with relaxed hair. You do not need weaves for your styles because you already have one right there on your head to play with it as much as you want.
  2. Water is your friend: No! don’t duck when you see water or when there is rain. Your natural hair is going nowhere. Besides, it actually needs water. It wants you to go under and enjoy the rain. With natural hair, you don’t have to be worried about the weather. It thrives with the more water it gets.
  3. Work work work out: Natural hair is gym friendly. A healthy body leads to healthy hair. When it’s time to hit the gym, your natural hair will let you know and when you’re done working out you will see the changes in your hair. It’s a win-win. You will have a great body with great hair. The same goes for healthy nutrition.
  4. Less time: No more spending hours in the saloon. On the contrary, you become your own hair stylist. In effect, you no longer need to book a whole day just for your hair to be relaxed, curled etc. Hence, you might just go with a bun, tangled braids and so on. It is so much fun.
  5. The best of all is you get the monopoly over your hair: Your only partner in hair crime is your hair and together you make decisions that work best for the both of you.


However, it is not all candy and chocolate when you go natural. For beginners, it is quite very frustrating because you are not yet acquainted with your hair. It is like getting into a new relationship. You have to take a step back, get to know your partner (your hair).

Find out all its amazing qualities, things that make it sad and those that make it smile. This will probably be the most honest relationship because IT will never lie to you IT will let you know when your doing something wrong or right and will give you the chance to change.

When you are well acquainted, you will take the decision to say I DO and hopefully, it will be a happy ever after kind of relationship with your hair. So make the choice today to go short natural or long natural. Are you already natural? Post a pic of you in the comment section and tell us about your journey. Coming up will be African branded natural hair products that work. Afro Hairstyles For Black Women Afro Puff styles Afro Hairstyles For Black Women

More Cameroonian Beauties rocking Natural Hair


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