Summer is most certainly here and we are curious to see all the latest summer trends and pretty stylish summer dresses. If you are looking for what to wear on a hot summer day or just a cute and stylish summer dress, then we found one for you.

Anyi Asonganyi of OZI International maybe a busy entrepreneur but finding time to look her best is not a problem. The young Cameroonian entrepreneur who has dressmaking, makeup and beauty amongst her forte is also a style influencer. Recently, she has been dropping the most stylish outfits to inspire the curvy women community.

Anyi Asonganyi 5 Stylish Summer Outfits

There is no room for boring outfits when it comes to Anyi’s wardrobe. She knows how to turn a simple dress into a chic slay for the day. Her use of fashion accessories play a huge role in accentuating her curves and adding oomph to her style. Also, because the sun is out and it is time to bring out the cat eye and aviator sunglasses, Anyi is making full use of her sunglasses collection.

Again, the makeup artist understands her body and knows exactly what works for her. Adding a simple statement accessory like a belt switches things up. Not only does the belt snatch the waistline, but it also helps the boobs pop and hips defined.

Here Are 5 Times Anyi Made Chic Style Effortless

Stylish summer dresses by OZI International
Red summer maxi dress
High waist white women’s pants
Stylish summer dresses by OZI International
70s inspired polka-dot dress with a slit
Anyi Asonganyi Summer Dresses
Black dress with print details
Anyi Asonganyi Summer Dresses
Cute African print off-shoulder dress

Anyi’s dresses and wardrobe is the perfect summer wardrobe making it the ultimate must-have for days or evenings out. Lastly, we will like you to use the comment section below and tell us which summer outfit is your style!


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