Yellow Faux Fur coat

Cameroonian singer Blanche Bailly joins the list of famous Cameroonian celebrities rocking faux fur. Bailly posted a photo of herself rocking an elegant bright yellow fur coat on Instagram. Faux fur but she made it full fashion; this is the best statement coat for keeping out winter chills, and we love how she blends in the colours.

Interestingly, this may be the first time the singer has covered up her, you know.., nevermind! We know she likes to wear racy bodysuits and bralettes. Therefore, seeing her covered up is a little sweet and surprising, you know. Not that we are complaining about her choices. I am just saying.

While most people see the fur coat as a classic Hollywood look, animal rights activist only see the cruelty to animals associated with fur. It is essential to realise that there are plenty of faux options in the fashion industry. Thus you can rock them stylishly like Blanche Bailly without feeling guilty of any animal cruelty.

Cameroonian Singer Blanche Bailly Looks Glamorous In Faux Fur Coat

Yellow Faux Fur coat
Faux Fur

From these stylish photos of singer Blanche Bailly, it looks like she is in control of her style and wardrobe. The singer also used the opportunity to thank her fans for 1million views on YouTube for her music Mes Respects.


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