Ankara Style Bodycon Gown

Hello my quarantined fashionistas, did you know Ankara dresses are assuredly one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing available right now? From their bold patterns, intricate designs and techniques to the gorgeous styles sewn, every Ankara style is as elegant as a slice of heaven.

Annie Kukkie Wardrobe In Ankara Style Bodycon Gown

As an African woman and most especially a Cameroonian fashion advocate, I’ve always fascinated by all things African print. Given that, each time I come across a Cameroonian fashion designer or African print style something inside me lights up.

To begin with, if you are feeling the slightest bit unhappy right now, here’s a feel-good post. This will instantly heal you from all quarantined mood swings. Yesterday, Anita Ngah Mburli, the designer behind Annie Kukkie Wardrobe, shared a beautiful collage in a simple Ankara style.

She took to Facebook not just to flaunt her enviable well-toned body and very long legs, but also to share five ways to style her latest Ankara dress style. The designer showed off her creativity in an African dress style by Annie Kukkie Wardrobe. In detail, she started by wearing a strapless bodycon décolleté over-the-knee Ankara tie-dye dress. Progressively adding detachable bishop sleeves, and added a second layer of a flare dress over the bodycon dress.

Ankara Style Bodycon Gown
Ankara Style Bodycon Gown
Ankara Style Bodycon Gown
Ankara Style Bodycon Gown
Annie Kukkie Wardrobe
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On the whole, this look is fun, creative and above all, versatile. You can style each piece as a separate or wear the pieces together, just like the designer.

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