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Xceptionals Families Join Forces to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness and fight the disease

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Xceptionals Families wear pink for breast cancer

What better way to end our breast cancer awareness month and campaign than with our Xceptionals families. Thanks to our powerhouse Xceptional physician and fashionista extraordinaire, Dr. Germaine Noukelak aka “Yekyonce”, we got families involved. Certainly, anyone who knows Dr. Noukelak knows her drive and commitment. Germaine is undoubtedly always extremely devoted to any cause she sets her mind to. Like the true physician she is, Germaine knows how gravely cancer diagnosis affects the family unit. Therefore, she believes that families should be the crux of every campaign. To clarify, by families, I mean the whole nine yards: fathers, mothers and of course children!

Dr. Germaine Noukelak shares some valuable advice about breast cancer

In the words of Dr. Germaine, “the statistics for this life-changing disease are vast yet more and more people, women AND men, are surviving the disease.” With this in mind, she credits the survival rate to the awareness that is being raised through this campaign and many others like it worldwide. Particularly, Dr. Noukelak emphasizes: “the best chance at a cure and long-term survival is to be diagnosed early.” In fact, she goes on to share the ultimate tip: “if you feel something then say something to your doctor.”

Cameroon Families

“Together with these Xceptionals families we say NO to breast cancer and Yes to a cancer-free world,” Dr. Noukelak concludes. Yes indeed, Dr. Germaine, we agree with you 100% and we thank you heartily, for bringing this project to live.

On that note guys, we wrap up this year’s breast cancer awareness month and campaign. We hope you will definitely join us next year. Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Kathie (mom), Imani (daughter), Joel (son), Nia (baby)
Kathie (mom), Imani (daughter), Joel (son), Nia (baby)
breast cancer awareness
The Bodylawsons: Cynthia (Mom), Amir (Dad) and Lailah (daughter)
breast cancer
Cathy Mbi and her sons, Paul and Raphael and Grandma Anna
Pink socks and Sandals
Hepsibah Mukeba and her son, Lemuel
Mother and daughter in pink for breast cancer
Dr. Etem Chu and daughter, Harriet-Grace
Mother and daughter in pink for breast cancer
Cynthia Ngonga Mofor and daughter, Neriah
Three generations in pink for breast cancer
The Tamfu Nchanji Family: Veronika (Mom), Ernestine (Grandma), Gia Jr (Son) and Gianna-Nya (daughter)
Mother and son in pink for breast cancer
Ruth Ngomo Andongndou and her son, Phillip
Girls in pink
The Epie Girls: Bella (oldest), Veronique (middle) and Paula(baby)
Family in Pink for breast cancer
The Bate Family: Valentine (Dad), Corrine (Mom), Dilma (Big Sis) and Amaya (baby)
Family in pink for breast cancer
The Mild Ebot Family: Mild (Dad), Besem (Mom), Leilani (Big sis) and Gabriella (Lil Sis)
Mother and daughter in pink for breast cancer awareness
Jeane-D’arc Asong and her daughter
Xceptionals Families
Mr. Ashu and Mrs. Elizabeth Tabot Ashu





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