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Kids Join Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Breast cancer diagnosis

Telling Your Kids about Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Recently, a friend asked me about informing her daughter of her breast cancer diagnosis. Although her family does not think she should, I, encouraged her to do so. Unfortunately, her cancer diagnosis is at stage 4. Therefore, it is even more heart-wrenching and imperative for her to tell her daughter. Indeed, I understand that some of our cultures are focused on protecting children from harm. However, we can not always shelter them from worry, stress, and pain. Especially when it comes to breast cancer diagnosis, it is important to inform our children so that they can transition with us to whatever the future holds.

How about starting with the significance of the color pink!

You don’t need to wait to have cancer to start the conversation with your children. Are you wondering about a fun way to start the conversation? How about the color pink? Yes! You can actually teach your children about the significance of the color pink.

Why Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Foremost, I’m sure we all know already that pink is the quintessential female color. However, did you know that the profile on pink is playful and life-affirming? In fact, studies have been conducted to show that pink has a calming effect, quieting effect, and the ability to lessen stress. Specifically, pastel pink is a shade known to be health-giving! Who knew??? Therefore, basically, pink is the opposite of cancer’s dark, gloomy shade. So, tell your children that cancer is terrible, but it also has a bright side: Pink.

Pink symbolizes the united strength against breast cancer. It brings us all together – whether we have cancer or not – to show support.

So, what do your kids know about breast cancer? Let’s start the conversation!

Little Girl Pink Ralph Lauren Dress
Lailah Bodylawson chasing cancer away!
Little girl in pink and orange
Arielle Bayen
Little girl in pink and boots
Veronique “Nique Boo” Epie
Girls in Pink
Rahel and Rebecca Boussa (Diana Mbanginu)
Boys in Pink for Breast Cancer
The Noukelak Boys: Jean Jr., Javan and Christopher James (CJ)
breast cancer diagnosis
Kyra Kika
Kids in pink
Favour Ashu
Child in Pink
Joy Ashu
Girls in Pink and denim
The Salinas Girls
kids and Breast cancer diagnosis
Joe Eloundou Jr.
Kids in pink for breast cancer awareness
The Binda Brood

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