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It’s no longer word on the street. It’s official. After a three-year management contract with record label Big Dreams Entertainment, Cameroon’s best rapper KO-C drops the record label. Now, that’s one of the labels biggest stars ever and we are sad to see them go separate ways. The good news is, the rapper also echoed his appreciation to the label that undoubtedly contributed to his musical success.

In a recent press release, KO-C announced to fans through various media outlets his decision to leave the label. The release reads, “my three amazing years with the record label BIG DREAMS ENTERTAINMENT has come to an end”. The rapper also thanked his fans and the media for their unending support during his stay with the record label.

My three amazing years with the record label BIG DREAMS ENTERTAINMENT has come to an end

KO-C Announces He Is Leaving BIG DREAMS ENTERTAINMENT And Introduces New Management 


As expected, Ko-C went on to make the much-anticipated big announcement. The end of his relationship with Big Dreams marks the beginning of big and better engagements. He continued by saying the beginning of his new journey comes with greater energy to grow bigger. 

KO-C who released hit tracks under BIG DREAMS ENTERTAINMENT record label like Ça A Cuit went on to announce his new management team. NGUEPY Jackson (Jas B) from WESTSI2CORP SARL will henceforth take charge of KO-C’s musical management.

Our Opinion

If moving on means ‘Greater energy to grow bigger’, then we wish KO-C outstanding success on his journey. We discovered the artist under his former label and fell in love with his style, vibration and most importantly his music. Of course, we cannot wait to see what NGUEPY Jackson (Jas B) from WESTSI2CORP SARL got lined up for the artist but we are forever hopeful in the artist creativity and natural musical talent.

Big Dreams Entertainment
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