Reniss Kien

Who knew little Reniss Kien from Mankon could get this famous? The Newbell first lady releases her new single “Nyama Nyama” off her upcoming album “NZO.” According to the label, the track is produced by Le Monstre with the artwork done by Ndukong.


As we all know, Reniss always drips in futuristic AfroCentric swag from her natural hairstyles to her Ankara clothing styles during every music release.
Amid the sadness going on in the world what better time for the release of new and refreshing music? The audio track opens with drummings and the artist singing.

“Na me and you today me and you tomorrow, this kinda love na so ei suppose to be hey! eh eh, Nyama Nyama.” She sings on the opening of the audio track. If you were a fan of Reniss’s hit “Face 2 Face” you will love “Nyama Nyama.”

Again, her attitude on the single cover says it all. An African goddess on her thrown decked out in multiple layers of gold jewellery, on her neck and hair. Seeing the young artist come into her own and owning her unique power and sexuality has been a treat for Cameroonian musicloves. Without a doubt, she is one of the most talented but underrated performers in the Cameroon music sphere.

Reniss Kien
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