Cameroonian actress Ndem Nora stuns in Birthday photoshoot

Celebrity Birthday photoshoot is becoming a big thing just like pre-wedding and pregnancy photoshoots. Each day, a celebrity on our news feed drops a never before seen photoshoot concept for a reveal or event. Interestingly, despite the thousands of photoshoot ideas and themes, we have seen, each day comes with its own wowzer. A team most often creatively conceptualized and beautifully executes photo shoot ideas. Usually, the team is made up of a makeup artist, a stylist and photographer.

Birthday Photoshoot Theme

Nora is out in Nigeria doing big things for herself and mingling with some of the big names in Nigeria. The former beauty queen is celebrating her birthday with a gold theme. Interestingly, last year, Nora celebrated her birthday with a photo shoot on a Keke in the busy streets of Lagos. She wore a mini lace cold shoulder dress with her hair in an afro puff. This year, Nora has taken things to a new and a less busy location. The seaside.

The Gold Goddess

As mentioned, this year Nora is decked in gold and some yellow tones. According to her creative team, the birthday theme that inspired the photo shoot is ‘The Gold Goddess’.

Alero who designed the costume explained that the gold was selected for a variety of powerful reasons. For example, gold signifies wealth, luxury and extravagance. Its warm colour illuminates love, compassion, courage and passion. These are just some of the qualities the birthday girl has demonstrated since coming to the limelight. Just a few months ago, she flew to Cameroon to give back to Internally Displaced People. Internally Displace People are the group of people affected by the ongoing crisis in Cameroon.

The theme of the shoot ‘The Gold Goddess’ is a true representation of Nora’s heart of Gold.  Corine La Star the prolific makeup artist on set infused freshness, happiness with her play if the colour yellow. Although Corine has worked with Nora on several occasions, admittedly, she always surpasses the former.

Nora Ndem: The Gold Goddess

Before breaking the doors of Nollywood, Nora was, of course, a model and a former beauty pageant. The Cameroon born actress has starred in Nollywood productions including ‘A Tale of Two Brothers’ where she played the character of ‘Ramoke’. Nora is also the host of a new reality show coming soon on DSTV network called ‘This is Your Nigerian Dream’. The show is created by Mr Ola Lafa.

Above all, on behalf of team Mammypi, we want to wish Nora Ndem a fabulous birthday. May happiness, good health and good luck go before you and with all your projects.

 Cameroonian actress Ndem Nora stuns in Birthday photoshoot

 Cameroonian actress Ndem Nora stuns in Birthday photoshoot
The Gold Goddess Birthday Photoshoot idea

 Cameroonian actress Ndem Nora stuns in Birthday photoshoot


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