Claire Sulmers Fashion Bomb Daily

Claire Sulmers, Editor in Chief of Fashion Bomb Daily is one of the most well-known black women influencers. Sulmers who is known for her huge Instagram platform FashionBombDaily has been in the fashion scene for over a decade. Claire is not only famous for highlighting black entertainers in Hollywood. Her huge success also comes from using her platform to highlight black fashion bloggers from around the world.

Again, Claire has experienced success as a result of using her social media presence to amplify black businesses. This is visible every day on her news feeds from wearing outfits by black-owned brands. Not only does she wear stylish clothes, shoes and accessories by black businesses, she also sells them on her Fashionbombdailyshop.

Claire Sulmers Fashion Bomb Daily

Despite Claire’s focus on black entertainers and black businesses and brands, Claire Sulmers also highlights fashion from across the board. Because of the huge success of her brand and the influence it has on millennials, she is often sitting front row at fashion shows. Furthermore, Claire regularly host Convos with Claire where she meets with other industry influencers to discuss fashion, beauty and entertainment.

Even though the Harvard graduate has experienced growth and success due to her hard work and resilience, Claire has also been through tough times. In 2018, her FashionBomdDaily Instagram page was unfortunately suspended by Instagram for unknown reasons. During this period, Claire spoke to her fans about some of the challenges she faced. Luckily, her resilience kept the brand going and her account was later on reinstated by the social media giant. 

Through it all, we have seen Claire wear some of the best outfits from high end luxury brands to black-owned fashion brands. The prolific fashion influencer has styled dresses, bags, shoes and accessories from the west to Africa. Here are some of  Claire Sulmers best fashion moments we love and hope you world it too.

Fashion and beauty writer, Editor In Chief of Fashion Bomb Daily

Claire Sulmers Fashion Bomb Daily Balenciaga Boots
Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily Balenciaga in Purple Balenciaga Boots


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