Saving Mbango Movie
Saving Mbango Movie Premiere
After working hard on her movie production Saving Mbango, Stephanie has successfully bagged a deal with Orange Cameroon. The movie premiere for Saving Mbango has been scheduled for Saturday, October 26, 2019, at the Canal Olympia in Douala.

That Wum Chick Stephanie Tum seems to have repurposed her energy and the glow is nothing but exceptional. Read that over again! Yes, Stephanie is glowing from within and we are loving her shine. It’s been a few light months since we saw the actress pick a bone on Social media. Thank goodness! Saving Mbango Movie must have worked the magic for the beautiful Cameroonian actress.

Each time Stephanie took to social media to entertain her haters, it always broke my heart because I felt they were not worth the energy. It’s hard to ignore the deleterious effect this sort of thing can have on an actress. But the beautiful self-acclaimed Wum Chick has bounced back with purpose and energy invested in the right projects.

Saving Mbango Movie Premiere By Stephanie Tum

Saving Mbango Movie
Cameroonian actress and producer Stephanie Tum
Saving Mbango Movie

In recent photos shared on social media, the actress with a catalog of work under her belt looks stunning wearing a long faux locks hairstyle.  There are many reasons to love Stephanie. Her ability to be herself in the simplest possible way warms every heart. I felt like the actress snatched my edges seeing her wear the most beautiful locs hairstyle for protective styling.

She flaunted the new hair-do wearing a blue denim shirt.  Obviously, she wants to keep the focus on her dreadlocks hairstyle which provides the perfect backdrop for her spotless face to glow. I like how she wears the faux locs in a messy bun and also with a black hat. Whether she is off duty or on set, Stephanie slays all day and we are here for it.

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