Kamala Eyango Shows Of New Hair-Do But It Is The Palm Oil We Can’t Unsee

Kamala Eyango Cornrow Hair style

Kamala Eyango Cornrow Hair style

Kamala Eyango is one beautiful and stylish Cameroonian we probably don’t rave enough about. If you are following Kamala on Instagram, you would have realised, she is one giant spring of inspiration. Not because Kamala is the daughter of music legend Ndedi Eyango but because she has made a name for herself. Kamala is, of course, a co-founder of the fashion brand Laville Noire she co-founded with sister Mina.

Kamala Eyango Shares Cornrow Hairstyle

This week, Kamala shared a series of stunning headshots showing off her latest hair instalment. What did we spot? A sleek new head full of cornrows and baby hair. This is not a new hairstyle for her and certainly not one for black women either. However, each time a new hair is Instagrammed, it provides brand new inspiration for another protective style.

Despite the stunning features, neutral and perfect makeup, one thing caught our attention. Can you guess what?



Are you loving or loathing K’s braids? Let us know in the comments section…


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