Throughout the many hairstyle options, black women usually shy away from blonde hairstyles. However, if anything, black women can rock all the choices, shades and tones there are when it comes to blonde hair. I know, I know, I know… the ultimate fear of blonde hair on black women is the notion that it just “will not look right.” Child puhleez… Anything can look right depending on you and how you style it. In any case, going blonde is a very bold move and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian are motivating many women to try the trend.

Black Celebs Rocking Golden Blonde Hairstyle

The golden brown blonde hairstyles is a mix of honey hues with very little brassiness. This is a common look celebrities like Beyoncé, Ciara, Tyra Banks, and many other brown skinned black beauties. The key word here is brown skinned as in light-skinned. Therefore, if you are very dark skinned like Lupita Nyongo’o, you want to avoid this look.

Rich Blonde Hairstyles

While this is similar to golden blonde, the rich blonde is somehow different. Imagine a color where your hair looks like honey with one slew of color from root to tip. I know some of you are already shaking your heads in denial but trust me, this color compliments so many black skin tones. From those with yellow undertones to those with orange and red ones, this hair color will look amazing.

Dark Roots for Blonde Hairstyle Perfection

Although we just talked about minimal brassiness with golden blonde hair, if anything, dark roots might be your best friend with a blonde look! Many celebs who rock the blonde look, do so with dark roots. If you didn’t know it, dark roots with blonde hair on dark skin is absolute perfection!

Platinum Blonde with Dark Roots…or Not!

Again talking about dark roots, with platinum blonde hair, you can either go with or without. Without question, this look is a favorite for risk takers. It will surprise you to know that the shade suits every tone of black skin flawlessly.

That said, with the year just beginning, why not make a resolution to try a blonde look this year.

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Kim Kardashian in Blonde Blunt Bob
Kim Kardashian in Blonde Blunt Bob
Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Roots
Nene Leakes in Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Roots
Monica in Platinum Blonde Hair
Monica in Platinum Blonde Hair
Teyana Taylor in Rich Blonde Hair
Teyana Taylor in Platinum Blonde Hair
Golden Blonde Bob Cut
Taraji Henson in Golden Blonde Bob Cut
Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Roots
Nikki Minaj in Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Roots
Golden Blonde Hair
Ciara in Golden Blonde Hairstyle
Tiwa Savage long blonde hair
Tiwa Savage long blonde hair with dark roots
Celebrity blonde hairstyles
Blanche Bailly in Rich Blonde Hair
Celebrity blonde hairstyles
Claire Sulmers in Rich Blonde Hair

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