British top model Naomi Campbell has launched a nail polish range #NaomiCampbellDesigns. Like with most celebrities, she took to her Facebook page to make the announcement. Naomi’s new nail polish collaboration is with Antonio Banderas and this is what she wrote. 

I’m really proud to release my own brand #NaomiCampbellDesign, you will find all my designs at! I’m very excited about this new adventure! Follow Starlite Shop to discover everything about it. Thank you for welcoming me aboard Antonio Banderas!


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Her exclusive nail polish collection consist of four different colour shades The Exotic Desert: Consists of four neutral tone collection. A new approach to naturalness in four colours to add a touch of glamour to your nails, gold and earth tones will make you sense the magic of desert.

#NaomiCampbellDesign Nail Polish Collection

The Urban Fun lady. This consist of vibrant, fun colours to set off any look. Trendy Holidays brings Spring and Summer tones to fill your holiday with colour and Top Basics have three colours guaranteed to strike the right note. All nail vanish sells at 9.90 euro and deliveries guaranteed to the top 100 customers from June 1st.

You can also get add a bold, feminine element to your vanity or dressing area with  nail polish from  our trusted partners Bloomingdales UK House of Fraser



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