Uche Jombo

Nigerian actress Uche Jombo looks mesmerising in a soft, natural beauty look by La Star Beauty. Unless you missed the Insta shoutout, here’s a little bit of info. Uche got the ultimate celebrity face beat in under an hour from Cameroonian makeup artist Vicky-Corine Ndome.

Uche Jombo Gets A Facebeat By Vicky-Corine Ndome

Jombo wore the orange and gold glam beauty look to the movie premiere of #LivingInBondageTheSequel. The star posted a short message on her Instagram page praising Cameroonian makeup artist Vicky-Corine of La Star Beauty.

Owing to the beautiful look, Uche took to Instagram to pay homage to the prolific Cameroonian makeup artist.

I am beyond impressed by @lastarrocks I love your work

Uche Jombo
Beauty look created by La Star Beauty

As a result of the social media buzz, the beauty look, and of course the appreciation, Mammypi beauty desk reached out to La Star Beauty. According to La Star Beauty, the theme for the premiere was Demons in Diamond. In spite of the Halloween theme, the pair decided to create something more personal and magical. As a result, this awe-inspiring glam look came to live. Some of the beauty products used include MAC powder, Maybelline super stay foundation to name a few.


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