Nigerian Fashion Blogger SADE AKINOSHO

If you love statement pantsuits in pastel colours then you must have come across Nigerian fashion blogger Sade Akinosho. Sade who is resident in London is the owner of the Kemist and online platform where she sells all her pieces.

Sade is not only a serial entrepreneur but a mother and passionate blogger who regularly travels to Florence, Italy for the Pitti Uomo fashion show. Pitti Uomo is one of the most important events for menswear and accessories collection which is where Sade undoubtedly gets her inspiration from.  From her Instagram, the entrepreneur showcases a series of her outfits with a focus on power suits and hats for women. Sade’s style and silhouettes are more on the classic side of fashion.

Nigerian Entrepreneur Sade Akinosho

Akinosho has demystified the myth that suits only work for workplaces. In the process, she has also taken her followers on a journey far away from the regular black and grey suits to a fascinating land of pastels and bold colours. Interestingly, Sade’s outfits which she also sells on her online shop The Kemist provides a classical inspiration for functional pieces. In fact, Sade Akinosho has made a name for herself from her sophisticated and very edgy style.  From pastel colour suits to neutral tones and sometimes stripes. With the right hat, Sade’s pieces can be styled from workday to Ladies Day. The most compelling aspect of Sade’s outfits is all of them are sewn to perfection.

Talking about hats, one perspective we particularly love about Sade’s style is her dramatic use of accessories. This includes the use of fedora hats and sunglasses as can be seen below.  

Let us take you through some of Sade’s favourite looks we have carefully curated to help you through the week. Don’t forget to let us know in the comment section which outfit is your fave.

Nigerian Fashion Blogger SADE AKINOSHO
Baby blue pantsuit with button details

Nigerian Fashion Blogger SADE AKINOSHO
While most women wear a black pantsuit, Sade opts for blush pink crop trouser and blazer

Nigerian Fashion Blogger The Kemist
Sky blue pantsuit

Nigerian Fashion Blogger SADE AKINOSHO
Cream white pantsuit

Nigerian Fashion Blogger SADE AKINOSHO
Coffee brown power suit

Nigerian Fashion Blogger SADE AKINOSHO
Fedora hat

London based Nigerian Fashion Blogger
Yellow knit jumper and matching pant suit


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