After a wet and bleak start, Royal Ascot 2019 Day 3 aka Ladies day came with much welcomed shine. Of course, it wasn’t just the rays of sunshine that descended. Agreably, it was also racegoers in droves, sporting acres and acres of millinery splendour. Like it or not, there’s such old school grace about a lady in a hat.

Indeed, we experienced the height of this grace watching the ladies in the Royal Enclosure. Whilst also indulging in the thrill of race betting. In this enclosure, hats with a minimum 4-inch base must be worn, strapless dresses are a no-no. As expected, midriffs must be covered, and trouser suits must be full length and matching. In a nutshell, there’s absolutley no room for gracelessness. For the Royal procession, HRH accompanied in her carriage by Princess Anne and Prince Andrew. Not to mention she wore a matching lilac dress and hat. This lady has got the sublimely sweet and regal look down pat.


The headgear at this year’s Royal meeting, showcased the sheer skill of milliners up, down & possibly out of the country. Definitely, these guys must be smiling to the bank as their shelves stand bare in the wake of Agreeably stampede. Unquestionably, all ladies came to make a statement and believe me they did; there was everything from elegant, feather-friendly, muted tones, industrial, shock-inducing, floral and gravity-defying creations. Join us as we feast our eyes on this jaw-dropping collection of the 2019 Ladies Day hats…

Royal Ascot 2019 Statement Hats and Fascinators
Ndah Mbawa made a bold statement in a Ankara dress with cape details.
Royal Ascot 2019 Statement Hats and Fascinators
By the same token, Yoga trapeze instructor and coach Jackie Ngu shows off her elegance style in a burgundy African print dress
Royal Ascot 2019 Statement Hats and Fascinators
Hilda Ngelo of Mammypi


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