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Success Happens When Opportunity Meets Preparation

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Have you ever heard the phrase:Success Happens When Opportunity Meets Preparation?

Let me tell you a little story about a missed opportunity. In 2013, I had gone to the airport to meet a friend. To my surprise, the Nigerian Minister of Finance was there too. Luck stroke, we got introduced. Oh! How she loved my ideas and promised she’d schedule a meeting. 3 weeks later, I got the call. ‘Oh my God!!! I don hammer’ I thought. I even cried a little, and then jumped on my laptop.

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The  Next day, I was in Abuja Day of the meeting, and I was up all night preparing. By 5am, I took a nap. Woke up by 7, got ready, grabbed my laptop and zoomed out. 8 a.m. at the waiting room, I thought to go through my proposal one last time but brushed it off; after all I had it all set. 11am, I am called in for my presentation. A projector? Ah! This is serious business oh’ I thought to myself. Brought out my laptop, turned it on and…..Oh sh*t!!! Battery dead?? But how??? After all I had plugged this thing to charge overnight… Till today, I cannot explain how that happened. Was it witchcraft? Haha (Now I can laugh at this) I was flustered, I opened my mouth to talk and my words didn’t come out.

Success Happens When Opportunity Meets Preparation Success Happens When Opportunity Meets Preparation

Had I just screwed up the chance of my life? I had 10 minutes.10 life changing minutes. There was nowhere to plug my laptop in the office. Everyone looked at me like I dropped from the sky. I curse myself for ignoring my instincts earlier coz she is ALWAYS right. Then, someone broke the awkward silence and promised to fix another meeting. 4 years. I am still waiting.

Did I miss the opportunity of a lifetime? Was I prepared? Was I unprepared? Your thoughts Share your inspiring stories with us for a chance to be featured on our platform. Email them to PR@MAMMYPI.COM


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